The wheels are turning…

The wheels are turning… the doors are opening… the paths are clear… brighter that ever… a new beginning is dawning… new realities are unfolding… the universe is responding with love to your heart purest/truest desires… truth and love crystallise divine dreams on Earth… keep believing in yourself, follow your heart/bliss and  trust life… you are being guided in the “right” direction and the “best” way is being sent your way at the same time.

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2 thoughts on “The wheels are turning…

  1. Susan, I sense based on my experience that this is remarkably true this past week or so. Its like there is a growing presence calling us towards a profound ever-forgiving. ever-kind loving nature.

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    1. Totally George… this message is time sensitive, very meaningful at this moment… that’s my experience too for more or less a week… it is time to answer the call and to move forward. As you said, forgiveness is key as it will allow us to release the cords that kept us “stagnant” so far.
      Blessed be dearest one, much light to your heart and path 🙏💙⭐


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