Just keeping what’s good for my soul

Dear 2022, I am just keeping the things/people that are good for my soul. What diverges me from my highest light and my highest divine expression is no longer welcome in my reality. Gratitude towards what was and delightful expectation/creation to what’s about to be. I allow my higher self to lead the way and I trust, knowing it is always for my greatest good and greatest good of all beings. Always in the light and for the light, honoring my truth and all that is sacred, so be it. And so it is!

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3 thoughts on “Just keeping what’s good for my soul

  1. I am only keeping you my love! ❤💗💖💍👰 Because you are the love of my life and the best thing, which ever happened to me! I am always happy by your side and very proud that I’m sharing my life with you! Yours forever!

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