In the light of Source, I find only love

In the light of Source, I find only love.
In the presence of angels, I am never alone.
Inside my heart, my own truth.
As rainbow glimpses in a morning drew.
In the temple of silence, echoes of eternity.
The soul embracing its own divinity.
All the mysteries and all revelations,
The essence of life to dream creation.
On the paths of life, the journey of a soul
Abundance of epiphanies to enrich the Whole.
And if clouds of darkness shade my sky,
I invite a collection of all the lights.
A sample of the sacred becomes my reality.
I live by the truth in deep appreciation.
Rejoicing on a tree, laughing by a flower,
Dreaming on the stars, and flying with a swallow.
Free and eternal, as I always have been
Here now, faithful to my own being!

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