Holistic Notes on Going Vegan – Free Ebook

Being vegan is a plant-based lifestyle that contemplates an animal suffering free living. Most of all, it’s a natural way of living in harmony with All-That-Is. Ultimately, it’s pure love and respect for ourselves and for all. I wrote an ebook on this subject under a holistic perspective, which I am making available for free. Download your free ebook and share if you care as much as I do. Vegan, because I care!

vegan ebook free

Download Free Ebook here:

Going Vegan Ebook

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4 thoughts on “Holistic Notes on Going Vegan – Free Ebook

  1. I hope you find it inspiring and usefull. Ultimately, it’s sacred self-care and sacred care for our loved ones. Light blessings, be well. S* 🌱

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