I trust in and surrender to the Divine Intelligence of the Multiverse

All Existence is but a great fluid mosaic of sacred energy and sacred geometry that as a Great Design is in divine order, always in or tending towards balance. The Divine Cosmic Matrix is impregnated with love, the Source essence, and codified with truth, the light wisdom “knower” of all things and realities. Divine consciousnesses, gifted with free will, “play” in the Great Design to experience, realize and create more of the sacred and mysterious “experiment”. There is space for more creation, which persist if under divine, universal law and supreme, sacred order. Disalignments from the Great Design eventually dissolve. Chaos cannot be sustained for long. Rupture of what’s not real, i.e. based on love and truth, is eminent. Therefore, in trust, I surrender to the Divine Intelligence of the Multiverse, knowing that I am multidimensionaly protected and sustained, and all things quantum “fall” into perfect order, under the Great Design and Divine Grace. It is so, always!

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