All things are ephemeral yet eternal on the whole

The breath of life inter-connectes all Existence, as a supreme blow that adds a sacred spark to All-That-Is. This quantum life-force energy inter-permeates all realities, “holding” together ethereal and materialised worlds. The exchange of energy through all realities/things/beings is but “Existence in a fluid state”. The change we perceive is the intra- and  inter-dimensional flow of such eternal energy. All things are ephemeral yet eternal on the whole. We, as drops of life and consciousness, have the opportunity to experience the Ocean and to realise ourselves as such. And to rejoice in its/ours magnificence. And to be grateful for the experience of being immersed in the immensity of that which we also are. Our infinitesimal tinyness feels the greatness of the Grand Grandeur. Barely nothing and at the same time almost everything. No attachment or identification,  yet conscious of the no-separation. Ultimately, one with the Absolute. What’s more then?

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