A golden angel by the sea

A golden angel by the sea

What is the probability of going outside for a walk and find, in the middle of nowhere, among saltmarsh vegetation, a statue of a golden angel? It happened to me a few days ago. The golden angel (two open hands height!!) was facing the sea/south and with his hands on his heart. I was amazed … Continue reading A golden angel by the sea

Guarded in all your ways

Guarded in all your ways

I have kept this excerpt of Psalm 91 very close to my heart. It is with me for decades now, since my adolescence, being precious in times of upheaval. It provides us with strength and faith, while invoking higher divine protection no matter what. I felt inspired to share here as it is very comforting … Continue reading Guarded in all your ways

Angel affirmations to light up your life

Angel affirmations to light up your life

Affirmations are a powerful way of invoking the angels presence/energy/blessings into our life. They send out our intention to the Universe (when made out of awareness), which in return brings close the ones we are inviting along with their signs. Because we have free will, intention is required to set in motion the divine wheels … Continue reading Angel affirmations to light up your life