Another great natural, eco-friendly deodorant

Another great natural eco-friendly deodorant

My quest and experiences towards a simple and natural way of living led me to another great natural, eco-friendly deodorant. After my previous posts on homemade, eco-friendly deodorants, one based on coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate and the other on lemon, here I share another natural recipe, this time based on apple cider vinegar. What … Continue reading Another great natural, eco-friendly deodorant

3 amazing daily uses of apple cider vinegar

3 amazing daily uses of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is an amazing natural choice adding so much goodness into our life. It is made from apple cider that has undergone fermentation to form health-promoting probiotics and enzymes, which have so many proven benefits for our health. Regulation of blood sugar levels, enhanced weight loss, reduced cholesterol, improved skin health, reduced … Continue reading 3 amazing daily uses of apple cider vinegar

Less plastic waste – a titans challenge

Less plastic waste

Plastic, plastic, plastic... plastic everywhere, in everything... from plastic packages to plastic money, modern society is plastic-based. Nowadays, zero plastic waste seems almost like utopia, and even though living with less plastic waste seems more reasonable, its still a titans challenge. Plastic is a toxic material that create lots of environmental pollution to produce, and … Continue reading Less plastic waste – a titans challenge

Have you heard about this super natural deodorant?

Going natural it's just my way. If you read some of the green living contents on Holistica2be, you will know what I mean. On My basic homemade beauty care products post, I described a natural deodorant that I have been using for a while, until now... that I discover this super natural, efficient deodorant. It is … Continue reading Have you heard about this super natural deodorant?

The ecological side of being vegan

The ecological side of being vegan

There are countless reasons why people are vegan. Among these, there are ecological concerns and love for Nature and Mother Earth. Being vegan is by itself a green way of living that encloses lots of benefits for the self and for the Whole. Modern society is demanding too much and respecting too little Mother Earth. … Continue reading The ecological side of being vegan

Going organic is caring for our world

Going organic is caring for our world

Organic foods are a great way of caring for the self and the environment. Their positive effects on our physical health are unquestionable by now, as they dismiss artificial-chemical-hormonal additives/treatments, usually used to intensify growth and enhance organisms resistance (to bugs, illnesses and/or harsh environmental conditions). In organic crops, natural growth rhythms are respected, which … Continue reading Going organic is caring for our world

Celebrating Beltane with a greener lifestyle

Celebrating Beltane with a greener lifestyle

Beltane is a pagan festival celebrated in 1st May, about halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. It represents the peak of Spring and celebrates life, vitality and fertility. This year I decided to celebrate Beltane (May Day) by adding one more green living choice to my life. I have always remember me, since … Continue reading Celebrating Beltane with a greener lifestyle

Basics of eco-friendly cleaning

Basics of eco-friendly cleaning

One of the easiest and simple ways of living a more eco-friendly life is to choose eco-friendly cleaning products. Ordinary detergents contribute to pollution of water bodies by adding nutrients, toxic and harmful substances to coastal and inland waters (rivers and lagoons). Over time this results in eutrophication and "poisoning" of aquatic ecosystems with tremendous … Continue reading Basics of eco-friendly cleaning