Keep your momentum

Keep your momentum... be here and now... focus inwards, hold on to the power of your light... scenarios will always change, your essence remains... at your deepest core, peace is forever, silence is eternal, consciousness is ever-present... find your spark, elevate your awareness, expand your light... illuminate the darkness of this night... ground your beingness … Continue reading Keep your momentum

New realities emerge from within

Always remember that new worlds/realities/life emerge from within. The door to the unlimited fabric of creation unlocks from inside. Your ability to tap into higher states of consciousness allows you to co-create with the Divine. Here and now, you are a portal for sacred creations, unique soul expressions that honour life/spirit. Not egoic desires and … Continue reading New realities emerge from within

Starseeds, the starlight pathwalkers

Starseeds are starlight pathwalkers of the inter-galactic/-dimensional web of light/life. They are keepers of timeless truths, carriers of sacred codes and activators of divine templates and designs. Their essence bridge realities and illuminate high vibrational pathways within Existence. Their presence alone is their mission. Starseeds native light transmute low vibrational energies, dissolving old obsolet paradigms. … Continue reading Starseeds, the starlight pathwalkers

The wheels are turning…

The wheels are turning... the doors are opening... the paths are clear... brighter that ever... a new beginning is dawning... new realities are unfolding... the universe is responding with love to your heart purest/truest desires... truth and love crystallise divine dreams on Earth... keep believing in yourself, follow your heart/bliss and  trust life... you are … Continue reading The wheels are turning…

Honour the sacred inter-connectivity among All-that-is

Within your being and within all Existence lies a sacred inter-connectivity that "works" under divine order and grace. It is a sacred fluidity of energy/light/life that permeates and links all things/beings/events/realities, beyond any limitations. Honour that… in this sacred inter-connectivity, we are One. Your breath here now is connected to the birth/death of all stars … Continue reading Honour the sacred inter-connectivity among All-that-is