Spiritual Books

Spiritual books are a great source of wisdom, inspiration and insight. They are priceless jewels able to empower our awakening/ascension, spiritually guiding us towards our greatest potential/light. I hope you can find good inspirations here to fuel your journey towards a sacred, uplifted life! Feel free to buy me a coffee on:

Holistic Notes on Going Vegan – Free Ebook

Being vegan is a plant-based lifestyle that contemplates an animal suffering free living. Ultimately, it’s pure love and respect for us and for all/Whole. Download Free Ebook here

More books… Coming soon!

Spiritual Artworks

Spiritually inspiring artworks and messages that remind us of universal truths and the greatness of life. Great to print and display at sight, at home or at work, let them comfort your heart. High resolution, ready-to-print PDFs available for free download. Feel free to buy me a coffee on:


Blessed at all times

Keep in your awareness that you are blessed at all times.

Download free PDF here


Never Alone

Just know in your heart that you are really never alone.

Download free PDF here

Vegan because I care

Being vegan is ultimately pure love and respect for us and for all/Whole.

Download free PDF here

Cosmic Activation Symbol

Cosmic portal activation symbol for meditation and activation of our infinite potential.

Download free PDF here

May we live in harmony with All-That-Is!!

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