The tracks of soul

The tracks of soul

The tracks of soul inevitably include the darkness trail for without darkness the soul won’t be able to fully value the light. Light is the invaluable reward of a much worthy spiritual quest, as well as the trigger (even if by absence) to awaken our own inner light. Soul calls from the dark inviting us … Continue reading The tracks of soul

Blessings coming from above

Blessings coming from above

Watching the rain falling upon the Earth reminds me of blessings. The blessings of water, which are also the blessings of life for we all depend on it, bring me closer to a sacred sense of Existence. Water drops fall from above as divine blessings to us all. It’s not clear where they come from, … Continue reading Blessings coming from above

On the wings of truth

On the wings of truth

The beginning and ending of everything melt into the eternal cycle of (re-)creation. The universal flow of life assures the continuity of all. Evolving purposefully, the Universe expands beyond our imagination/comprehension. Yet, our infinite existence resonates with the eternity of Existence. Beyond space/time, our essence soars high on the wings of TRUTH towards the limitless … Continue reading On the wings of truth