The light within

The light within

The light we carry within is our true essence. Ultimately, it's all we are. It's eternal and divine, ever-present and unlimited, full of potential and of life. All we ever were or will be is within this light. All we had ever done or will do relies within this light. We are this spiritual seed/spark … Continue reading The light within

The womb of transformation

The womb of transformation

A womb is required for transformation. The seed requires the womb of the Earth to transform from latent state to an expression of life. The caterpillar requires the womb of the cocoon to become a beautiful butterfly. Humans (and mammals) require the maternal womb to grow/transform from stem cells into a whole, complete being. Spiritually … Continue reading The womb of transformation

Spiritual lessons learned from Nature

Spiritual lessons learned from Nature

Contemplating Nature is being present in the classroom of life. Each day, the teacherprovides deep spiritual insights and many universal truths, all invaluable for an awakened state and balanced life. Here I list some of the spiritual lessons learned so far: Be patient - beautiful things take time. From seed to flower, time and refinement … Continue reading Spiritual lessons learned from Nature