Peace to people

Peace to people

The silent cosmos whispered to Earth: “Peace to people” was the message echoing from above. Peace permeates all Existence, except the hearts and minds of people on Earth. In a peaceful Universe, aren’t we a little bit out of energetic alignment with the Whole we belong to? Peace, what’s now most needed in our World … Continue reading Peace to people


Child of the Universe

Child of the Universe

Cosmic gateways open,I am invited to enter in.Higher dimensions of light call,With no resistance, soul flies free.In the realms of no where/time,Greater connection is king.Expanded awareness reaches the skies,A cosmic embrace in return comes in.The Great Mother of the Universe whispers:Welcome Home my precious child,You belong to Me, and I live through youThe greatness of … Continue reading Child of the Universe

On the wings of truth

On the wings of truth

The beginning and ending of everything melt into the eternal cycle of (re-)creation. The universal flow of life assures the continuity of all. Evolving purposefully, the Universe expands beyond our imagination/comprehension. Yet, our infinite existence resonates with the eternity of Existence. Beyond space/time, our essence soars high on the wings of TRUTH towards the limitless … Continue reading On the wings of truth

Tune into universal Divine pace

Tune into universal divine pace

In mists of high fast pace of modern society, it's easy to loose our center and awareness. When we tune into the pace of the Universe, which is divinely timed, we feel as if we had returned to our natural state of being (actually we are!), experiencing calmness, centeredness and fulfillment. Everything flows easily and … Continue reading Tune into universal Divine pace