Rainbow bridges

I love rainbows. I believe everyone does. They are natural promoters of well-being, instantly opening smiles in our faces and hearts. They speak of harmony, hope and joy, carrying the promise of better days, along with the message to believe. They are a reminder that magic and miracles are real.

We deeply resonate with rainbows, because we are made of the same. Light is our essence, as well as theirs. We secretly carry spiritual rainbows inside, as well as their beauty and magical powers. The ability to bridge harmony and healing naturally lives within ourselves. We own the magic of the light/colors, along with the powers to transform our lives.

Sending rainbow bridges to challenging people/situations (from our heart to theirs) harmonize all dissonant energies. It has a mysterious healing effect, dissolving disharmonies at all levels. As a life smoothing balm, rainbow bridges repair relationships/connections in magical and unimaginable ways. I am in love with this simple spiritual exercise and amazed by its powerful effects. Are you willing to try? Our world is in need of our rainbow bridges and their magical healing touch of light.

(Acknowledgement to Carol Anne Cross, Angel Intuitive: https://theglitchmovie.com/carol-anne-cross/)

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7 thoughts on “Rainbow bridges

  1. Not seen by the eyes, but felt by the soul/heart… indeed, it seems the basis of spirituality… He asks us so little (trust) and we demand so much, when dwelling jn His light and love is more then enough. Divine blessings dear Nora, be well. S*

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  2. 🙂 Monday blessings, Susana!! I love rainbows, too. Lately, I’ve been thinking about how much of spiritual life (church lady, in my case…) depends on trusting what cannot be seen or what looks like nothing but vapor. God rarely works in what is concrete, does He?!

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