Raw, vegan fig cocoa pudding

Raw vegan fig cocoa pudding

This vegan recipe is easy to prepare and tremendously healthy for body, mind and soul. The pudding is free of added sugars (just contains the naturally present sugars), and full of nature’s goodness. A great natural treat for cocoa lovers.

Ingredients (for 2 persons): 6 dried figs* (soft, or soaked for 1-2 hours), 2 tsp raw low fat cocoa* (powder), 150 ml water, 1/4 tsp pectin (optional).

*preferably organic

Blend all ingredients in food processor for 1-2 minutes until smooth and homogeneous. Fill in your desert cups and refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving. Serve cold. In case you like very sweet deserts, add 1 Tbsp of natural sweetener such as agave syrup while blending all ingredients. For me, no added sugars is the way to go. With such an easy and delicious holistic treat, never felt so good to take good care of ourselves. I hope you enjoy it.

Vegan, because I care!

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8 thoughts on “Raw, vegan fig cocoa pudding

  1. Thank you beautiful yogini for your feedback and appreciation. I hope you enjoy it. I am in love with it. Take good care of yourself. In the light, S*

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  2. It’s really delicious (and healthy). Must try dear Amira. Thank you for commenting and passing by. Your presence here is much appreciated. Many blessings, S*

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