The blessing of air

The blessing of air

The air we breathe blesses us with life. Each day, along all our life, it refreshes our body, our mind and our soul, strengthening inner life-force energy. The element of air welcomes us into this world on our first breathe, and bids farewell in the end of our journey, when is time to leave. Between our first and our last breathe, a continuum and involuntary flow of air circulates in a rhythmic in and out giving us life. Despite being vital to our existence, we rarely consider it, or feel blessed for it, or consciously value it. Our default mode assume it as granted, but is it really?

The blessing of air goes beyond the biological life-giver breathe, being also spiritually relevant. Being mindful of our breathe is to be mindful of ourselves (higher self). Self-consciousness is facilitated through the blessing of air. That’s why majority of meditation techniques rely to some extent on breathing. The element of air has the ability to anchor us in the here and now. Deep, belly breathes relax the body and the mind – often the main barriers to reach the soul – and restores our natural, inner state of peace and silence. Somehow, all seems to fall into place. We feel at ease, and returning home. The air gives life to body, and light to soul. It’s like elemental therapy, which is completely free and widely available.

I love the way the wind comes to play in my hair, how he invites me to fly high in the sky, how he blows away my dust/burdens refreshing my energy, how he calls for my clearness of sight, and how he remember me to be clear and transparent, subtle and light in life. The air is associated with the direction of East, the place where the sun rises with the everlast promise/hope of new beginnings. It holds the powers of mind and intellect, and the qualities of clear thinking and sharp logic. Tuning into its qualities/associations is to invoke them into our life and to welcome a more naturally balanced existence. In each breathe, the air reminds us of the blessing/privilege of being alive.

"The powers of air, 
bless me in each breath,
strengthening me from within,
awakening my divinity."

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4 thoughts on “The blessing of air

    1. Thank you dear Vartika for your kind words. I am glad it resonated. May the soft breeze carry you on all your ways 🍃Take care ❤ S*

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