Peace to people

Peace to people

The silent cosmos whispered to Earth: “Peace to people” was the message echoing from above. Peace permeates all Existence, except the hearts and minds of people on Earth. In a peaceful Universe, aren’t we a little bit out of energetic alignment with the Whole we belong to? Peace, what’s now most needed in our World at all levels – physical, mental, emotional, is one of the greatest teachings of the Universe. How peaceful we become simply by staring at the night sky? How quiet we become by dwelling in the silence of afar?

The stars, cosmic ambassadors of peace, remind us again and again of the peace we forgot and insist in pushing apart. They remain so peaceful no matter what is happening all around. It doesn’t matter if is the astonish birth of a supernova or the grieved death of an ancient star; they all keep shinning peacefully, unconditionally giving their light. Our cosmic sisters (stars) inspire us to be peacefully at our own light and at peace with life. Their presence, as a cosmic blessing, naturally seeds peace in our hearts/minds/lives.

May we hear the cosmic message coming from afar.

May we all live in peace, while shining our own light.

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10 thoughts on “Peace to people

  1. “May we all live in peace while shining our own light” is just beautiful 🙏 During one of the hardest times in my life I would love to lie out under the stars and gaze up into the sky. It was calming and most definitely peaceful. Lovely post ❤

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  2. Amen!

    Peace be still
    Say the word and I will
    Set my feet upon the sea
    Till I’m dancing in the deep
    Oh peace be still
    You are here so it is well
    Even when my eyes can’t see
    I will trust the voice that speaks
    (To me!)
    Peace Be Still
    Song by The Belonging Co

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