Be like the angel that is by your side

Be like the angel that is by your side

This powerful message reached out to me while engaged in my daily activities at work. Because its beautiful and empowering, I am sharing it here, hoping it may be inspiring to you as it was to me. Such angelic downloads, as I like to call them, happen to me spontaneously, and this time this was what I received:

Be like the angel that is by your side (we are never alone). Be gentle and kind, be soft and subtle; invisible, yet powerful; discrete, yet helpful; providing support and guidance to those around you. It doesn’t matter if is someone you just met in the supermarket, who you won’t see ever again, or if is someone from your daily relationships, leave them in a better condition than when you met them. Putting yourself in the place of the angel who is by your side (he truly is by your side – can you feel it?), helps you to stay true to your true nature, which is of love, helps you to respond to situations, not to react, helps you to put ego aside and to be a light-full instrument in service of the Divine… surrendering to God each moment, each act, each word… Nothing to prove to anyone – its just between me and the One Above…

Adding goodness into others life and into our world is powerful, undercover lightwork and an invaluable contribution to a better world.

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