Joyful angelic embrace

Joyful angelic embrace

My precious guardian angel L*, laughing as always, opened her arms inviting me in. In that angelic embrace, my heart was over flooded by an inflow of joy that like divine bubbling made me smile from the inside. The energy of such joyful experience last all morning, making me so light that I felt like fluctuating while engaged in my mundane routine.

In its purest form, joy is an elevated state of being permeated by a royal, subtle feeling of happiness and pleasure. It is an expression of a soul smile in face of a sacred, divine experience. Angels and other light beings are good conductors of such elevated energy. Nature and spirits of Nature also invite joy into our hearts. However, it’s important to realize that joy is a divine virtue residing within ourselves, just waiting to be unlocked/expressed/felt at anytime.

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3 thoughts on “Joyful angelic embrace

  1. They are in service of the LIGHT heping us to remember our own light and the light of the Divine. God bless you too dear friend. Much love ❤ S*

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