Everlasting spiritual essence

People/things come and go, yet I stay. Situations naturally change, still I remain. Time goes on and on, and I am the same. The essence of who I really am, ever lasts. Somehow changed by the interactions with the world of form, time and space, still at the deepest core, the same. The eternal, same spiritual light, which is the same as the Divine, prevails. Deep within, our essence waits to be rescued from the darkness to experience/express its eternal glory and light once again. Remembering our essence is the challenge bringing us back to life. Awakening allows us to perceive our deepest divine TRUTH, aligning us with our eternal essence, which is so simple and so complex/mysterious at the same time. Above all complexities involved in awakening/ascension, sometimes our greatest task is to simply return to our light/essence and to release all that falls off of this alignment. Once we start to peel the layers of self-illusion, there is self-empowerment and -illumination. Working on our light, trusting that much more is happening at a deeper, higher level beyond our full logical comprehension, is more than enough. We are already complete/perfect/divine. We just need to remember/realize/be what we truly are.

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18 thoughts on “Everlasting spiritual essence

  1. Hey, Susana! This post reminds me of one of my favorite scriptures — one that seems tailor made for turbulent times. “Jesus Christ: The same yesterday, today and forever!” Blessings on a fresh week!

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