By blessing my food, I am blessing (my) life

By blessing my food I am blessing my life

With spiritual awakening, eating becomes a conscious act of caring for ourselves and our world. We consciously choose and eat our food from a spiritual perspective, being aware of the inter-connectivity in “All that is”.  We aren’t just feeding our body by ingesting biomass, but we are feeding our soul, while respecting and honoring life, while caring for the Whole. Eating becomes a sacred, holistic act of love. Love for ourselves and for our world, where “All that is” is alive, and full of life force energy. And what could be more respectful to life than a plant-based, cruelty-free meal?

I enjoy honoring life before each (vegan) meal by consciously blessing my food in a grateful state. This simple ritual raises my awareness and adds extra energy to my meal, which in turn will extra-fuel myself, both physical- and spiritually. Besides, it also signals existence of my recognition for the sustenance received, which somehow will attract more abundance into my life. As a Reiki practitioner, I usually lay my hands over my meal allowing Reiki to charged it, while blessing the foods with a prayer such as this:

“Thank you Father (Divine), thank you Mother (Universe) for so much you provide, for this nourishing, clean, green meal packed with your love and your light. Thank you to all the beings that have contributed to this meal with their life, with energy, whether plants, animals or humans, whether spirits of nature or elements of life, also to the moon and the sun and the stars, to “All that is” thank you from my hearth. May there always be abundance of foods in my table, abundance of prosperity in my life. So it is.”

Then I eat my plant-based, cruelty-free meal aware of being nourishing my body and soul, in harmony with the Whole.

(photo credits: bubithebear in Pixabay)

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