Focus on the light

To focus on the light has been the main motto of my spiritual journey. Light is the “thing” that most resonates within me, reaching out for the soul in the depths of my being. The meditation I practice for years is basically based on a connection to the Source while being aware of my own light. Even my angel’s names/essence is somehow related to this theme, which I believe encompasses my life’s mission on Earth. In a world full of ugly, negative people/situations, keep in touch with the light is a big challenge, requiring great discernment and detachment, but most of all awareness in order to go beyond/above such “lower” energies. The main issue here isn’t just about to touch the light, but to hold it. Hold it in such a way that we can be it. Holding a spiritual sight is one of the simplest ways to focus on the light. This can be quite natural and easy, if you are clairvoyant as myself. Seeing auras, energy fields, angels, etc around beings/things is something that “happens” to me naturally since my childhood. In addition to spiritual vision, focusing on people’s/situation’s goodness is another great way to hold the light, within and without. For that, besides awareness, we need a compassionate heart and a big picture perspective.

Focusing on the light, whether through sight or heart, is by itself a practical way of being a keeper of the light. And lightkeepers are much required now on these transition/ascension days we are living on Earth. Each one of us is important and has in hands an invaluable task. Together we are lighten up our world. All for the Whole. Soon, the critical mass for the shift will be attained. Each day counts, each one of us counts, the main subject remains – Focus on the light. Light is the way. Wherever you are, whatever you do, keep light in your awareness, there is so much lightwork to do.

By focusing on the light, we are not ignoring darkness or pretending negativity doesn’t exist. While acknowledging and being aware of both, we refuse to feed them or to provide them land to grow. Instead, our attention goes for what we consciously choose to give force. The intention to focus on the light is like a call for an awakened state, while living in a sleepy/dormant world. Not necessarily an spiritual escapism, but a choice made out of a higher consciousness. In the darkest days of the year/humankind, let’s all together focus on the light we want/need in our world. Are you in?

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3 thoughts on “Focus on the light

  1. Hi Susana,
    Thank you for following my posts and in turn I have enjoyed following yours.
    I am interested in your gift of clairvoyance.
    I understand many people have this gift but I think people with the godt hold a responsibility as to if and when their gift is shared.
    My mother r.i.p. died 20 August 2015 & around this time I had been having beneficial reiki treatments. My therapist had tol me she had the gift of clairvoyance and if she saw anything no matter where or when she felt the compulsion to share.
    After mum died I went for a treatment & only after greeting her she said ‘your mother passed over to the other side at 2 a.m. and gave the date. Mum died in hospital at 11 30 a.m on that date. I did not want to hear this , I had only gone for a reiki treatment.
    I never returned to her as at the time I found the experience quite disturbing particularly as the revelation went against my religious beliefs.

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    1. Dear Margaret, thank you for being part of my meaningful connections. As you said, clairvoyance is a gift that needs to be acknowledged and understood, yet discernment is also needed with regard to share your perceptions. Because not all the things are accurate, but also because others may not be willing/ready to hear what you have to say. As you said, once trust is broken, you no longer want to be near that person. “Feeling the pulse” is a very wise and cautions thing to do when you have a “gift”. Without it, you may cause a lot of damage… and no one has the right to interfere on other’s life that way. Anyway, because we all have free will, we can simply walk away from what we dislike. That was what you did. I willing to see your new posts soon. In the meanwhile, take care. In the light, S*

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