How rejection and failure can be a good thing

how rejection and failure can be a good thing

It may sound strange, but both rejection and failure can be a good thing as they can act as drivers to set you apart from the illusion of the mundane. They can be the push you need to spiritually awaken and be on your path towards enlightenment.

To me, rejection in my relationships (lovers, parents, friends, colleagues) was like a blessing that brought me closer to my angels. And angels are spiritual friends from higher places, a spiritual lift towards higher levels on my journey in life. “You are meant to fly with angels, not to walk with men” – was one of the angelic downloads I got as a message in one of those rejection moments. And despite of rejection and of being alone, I know and feel that I am “never alone” – thank you angels for always being with me, guiding me, supporting me and caring for me.

Being a failure was another repetitive scene in my life. Professionally, spiritually, as a lover, as a child, no matter how hard I tried… failure was always the end of each chapter of my life. And failure is painful and is hard, failure has such depth that if one dive honestly in it, can go beyond ego and reach out the light. But one has to go deep inside that pain, that mess, that confusion… that nothingness, I-ness… absence of any identity, yet still existing… into the dark night of the soul, beyond which there is light, the light that I always had been, and I always will be… divine, eternal, limitless… no tags or labels, no success or failure, no duality, beyond that, immeasurable, untouchable, yet invaluable… the light beyond the dark reached through failure… so beautiful, and worthwhile.

In the end, both failure and rejection have the potential to open our perspective into new spiritual light and growth, transcendence towards the Divine.

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