Archangel Michael as mate in life

Archangel MIchael as mate in life

Several years ago, in the middle of a crisis involving strong pain and suffering at all levels – physical, mental/emotional and spiritual – I visit a holistic therapist that was also a psychic/intuitive, something I didn’t know by the time I schedule my appointment. Actually, I went there by “mistake” as I though she was someone else, another therapist recommended by a friend. Because there aren’t such things as “mistakes”, my treatment with her was meant to be, and the Universe/God had some deep revelations there for me. While in the waiting room I realized I was in the “wrong” place, she wasn’t the one I though her to be, but at that moment I was no longer able to leave.

During treatment, she mention several things about myself and my life that were impossible for her to know unless she had psychic and intuitive gifts, which later on she confirmed. She mentioned a powerful presence/being, warrior-like, blond and tall, high-status, which I clearly identified in my mind’s eye as an etheric being I was familiar with as he would showed up to me some now and then. Somehow he had a role to play on my life’s path, although I wasn’t able to understand what that could be, or who he really was by then. Today, its all very clear. The one she sensed is still with me, who I recognized latter on on my path as being Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael is one of the easiest Archangels to call and to notice. His powerful presence leaves no doubts in our minds if we are at least a little bit open to angelic energies. Several years after this event, he is one of my angelic companions and mate in life. He has a special role as my guide and protector, something he confirmed me through signs that cleared out all my doubts. I move in life always with him by my side as much as my guardian angels, and now I look back to that day I was puzzled with that woman’s revelation with a smile on my face. After I intentionally open myself to the angels and angelic realms, I shared with him many life stories from minor, day-to-day issues to major life changing events. Navigating through life with him by my side is a powerful and empowering experience: he provide me the confidence and courage to face the challenges coming on my way, the loving guidance and companionship to implement the adjustments/changes life asks me to in order to live in alignment with my highest purpose, and the fearless attitude and divine protection to move on each day knowing that the one “Who is like God” is with me… so all is well and so will remain.

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7 thoughts on “Archangel Michael as mate in life

  1. Being able to share a life time with the angels its an incredible divine grace. Blessed are those who have open themselves to the angels and angelic experiences. Our lives wont ever be the same. In the light, with angels, Flora.

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  2. How perfect! I totally agree, AA Michael is the easiest angel to connect in with, and usually in a really tangible way. He was the first angel I consciously connected into, and I could always feel tingles up and down my spine. How beautiful that you view him as your mate, I do too and it brings so much comfort 🙂 Sharon

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