Invoking Archangel Michael protection

Invoking Archangel Michael protection

Archangel Michael is one of the most known Archangels, maybe because he is one of the easiest Archangels to call upon and one of the easiest to notice when invoked. His powerful presence leaves no trace of doubts in our minds, bringing huge comfort to our hearts. When He is around, there is a deep sense of safety and protection, provided by a higher divine force/being that cannot be defeated. Archangel Michael is one of my favorite Archangels with whom I shared so many different stories along the road (e.g. lightwork, down-to-earth issues, everyday life). He is part of my spiritual team (as main guide) and the one I cannot dismiss for a single day in my earthly life. I won’t leave my home without asking for His protection wherever I go, whether for a walk or for work. When at home, I call upon him to clear the energy of my home, as well as of my mind, body and soul. I frequently ask him to cut the cords connecting me to people, events and situations that may be draining my energy. Even when I am going to sleep, I use to ask for his (extra) protection.

Here’s how I use to invoke Archangel Michael protection when leaving my home:

Archangel Micheal, please put your sword of protection over my head, over the line of my life, and keeps me safe, wherever I am, wherever I go, body and soul, with you by my side. Protected I shall be under your sight.

At night, when preparing for sleeping, I like to call Him as this:

Archangel Michael, watch over me as I go to sleep tonight. Protect my resting body and my “journeying” soul from all forms of harm. Please, place two of your angels at my door, and two in each of my windows, to protecting me and my home from known and unknown enemies and dark forces. Watch over me while I am sleeping, so I can rest deeply and awaken refreshed and inspired to live a new day in alignment with my soul’s purpose. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So it is.

When under confusion and inner turmoil, I ask Archangel Michael to clear my energy by cutting the energetic cords that might be draining my energy (from that day, from this life, or even from previous ones), as such:

Archangel Michael, please cut the energetic cords to people, situations and places that are draining my energy (specifying when needed) and clear my energetic body from possible acquired dense, toxic and negative energies, refreshing me holistically, so I can step into my highest potential with love and grace. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Whenever I feel my physical, emotional/mental or spiritual integrity being threatened, I ask Archangel Michael to protect me with his shield of light, as such:

Archangel Michael, please shield me inside a bubble of blue etheric light and protect my energy, body and soul from all forms of harm. So it is.”

He is the best friend at hand, just one thought away, just waiting for our call. Always remember that as spiritual, divine and creative beings we were blessed with free will, which means that angels cannot interfere unless we require it. Ask for their help, and help will be provided. Assisting us is part of their mission, our part is to give them permission/asking for that.

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(Photo credits:   taruku in Pixabay)

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